LUMEN Studios & Gallery was founded in 2019. LUMEN is an artist-run space based at the old Cheese Factory in Tataraimaka, Taranaki. Resident artists include Teresa Goodin (Artist & Alchemist) and Alice Cowdrey (Felter & Maker). LUMEN hosts showcasing artists and makers from the Taranaki region. 


Back From The Wild explores themes of transformation and nature. In this series Alice Cowdrey has used needle felting to create flat and three-dimensional works of art from sheep’s wool. She has also used knitting and stitching to incorporate cotton, beads, fabric, possum fur and human hair into her works.

Alice, who is based in Oakura and works out of her Tataraimaka studio, looks to nature, animals and folk art for inspiration and tells stories based on her ancestry, myths, spirituality and nature.

Alice took up needle felting eight years ago and got hooked on the medium’s versatile nature and texture. She mostly works with Corriedale wool which has been carded and dyed. Needle felting is a dry felting technique where a barbed needle is used to repeatedly jab the wool – tangling and compacting the fibres together. This process is time consuming, but meditative in nature and rewarding for the fine detail it achieves.

Alice has a degree in art history and history and a post-graduate diploma in journalism. She is currently completing her post-graduate diploma in museum studies through Massey University and hopes to help preserve culture and history through different methods of story-telling.

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Black Moon Lilith is a series of handcrafted collages by Teresa Goodin that explore the Wild Woman archetype and the reclamation of primal feminine power, which has been repressed and stolen through a myriad of ways over millennia, including but not limited to patriarchy, religion, colonisation, witch trails, war, rape and pornography.

Black Moon Lilith refers to an aspect in astrology, which represents the latent power and desire that is hidden within us. In Hebrew
mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, not Eve. Lilith refused to lie underneath Adam during sex and she was exiled from the Garden of Eden because she would not be subservient to Adam. Lilith represents feminine power and sexual liberation.

Images of women from vintage Playboy magazines have been recontextualised as powerful deities. The demure submissive gaze of the centre-fold has been replaced with the fierce gaze of a powerful untamed creature. These wild woman are at home in the wilderness, adorned with feathers, flowers, fins, claws, horns and wings, they give expression to primal feminine power. These collages seek to redefine female sexuality and sexual desire as a wholesome natural state free from conditioned submission, repression or shame. The snake symbolises the Kundalini or life force energy and the potential to harness sexual energy for enlightenment. The snake is also an ancient symbol of the Goddess, healing and transformation.

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