Awakening through Bliss

$12.00 - $895.00
  • Awakening through Bliss
  • Awakening through Bliss

Teresa Goodin
'Awakening through Bliss'
Framed* archival art print
42 x 60cm

Alchemy of Love
Collages by Teresa Goodin
8 March - 2 April 2023
LUMEN Gallery

‘Love faileth never’

Alchemy of Love is an apocalyptic love story that explores the power of universal love and its profound ability to heal and transform oneself and the world. This new work is the sequel to a series of handcrafted collages Teresa created in 2018 titled ‘Venus Excelsus.’

Archival art prints, posters and cards available:
A1 (60 x 84cm) Archival Art Print $520 (Framed* $895)
A2 (42 x 60cm) Archival Art Print $340 (Framed* $560)
A3 (30 x 42cm) Archival Art Print $200 (Framed* $380)
A4 (21 x 30cm) Archival Art Print $120 (Framed* $240)
A3 Posters $50 | A4 Posters $30 | A5 Gift Cards $12

*Ceramic coated wooden frame with conservation UV protection glass.