Smudge sticks are bundles of dried herbs, bound together with string or twine. Burning smudge sticks is a way to cleanse yourself and your space energetically.

YERBA SANTA | Eriodictyon californicum
Yerba Santa means ‘holy herb’ in Spanish. Yerba Santa is a flowering shrub native to Southwest America and Northern Mexico. It is considered to be a sacred herb in Native American and Spanish cultures, where it is regularly used for protection, courage, purification, and healing. It has traditionally been burned to help heal broken hearts and in smudging practices and rituals to increase a person’s connection with a higher power, as it works to open the crown chakra. Spanish Priests revered this herb for its ability to heal the body and spirit, as well as increase psychic awareness. Yerba Santa can be used to help you find your inner strength, heal emotional wounds, and increase psychic abilities. Yerba Santa is known to have a highly protective energy, which makes it an excellent herb for smudging.